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Fully aware that Detroiters of African descent have never lacked creativity, viable economic strategies, entrepreneurial zeal, or innovative business models, the Black Leaders Detroit Fund aims to diminish the aforementioned disparities by providing the one thing that has been lacking, financial support.

Our Vision

A model and thriving city of fully empowered, responsive, leaders and entrepreneurs reflective of its demographics.

Our Plan

We want 1 million members to contribute $1/week to fund our plan to change lives and impact black residents and communities in Detroit.

Our Mission

To provide financial support for diverse social and community impact projects originated and led by Detroiters of African descent.

Why Black Leaders Detroit Fund?

New, launching, and long-standing, businesses and/or organizations founded or led by African Americans that provide jobs, and/or social impact will have the opportunity to apply for funds to support their efforts from The Black Leaders Detroit Fund (BLD Fund).

Ongoing Support

BLD Fund will leverage long-standing local and national self-empowerment sentiment among African-Americans with current social media networking habits and mobile application technology into an ongoing $1 per week funding campaign.

Neighborhood Stabilization

Decades long divestment coupled with white (and black) flight depleted the city’s tax base and severely limited economic development, especially within neighborhoods.

New Opportunities

With positive population growth in Detroit, economic opportunities abound in certain sectors but sorely lack local African American leadership or participation.

Restoring Trust

Socioeconomic inequity has led to tension, mistrust, justifiable frustration, and what some call the emergence of an “old and new” Detroit narrative.


The remaining African American middle class that stayed the course decry the absence of interest, investment, and stabilization efforts to further empower them and grow their numbers.

Wealth Building

A recent Detroit Future City report charts a plummeting of Detroit’s middle class from 54% to 25% from 1990 to 2010.


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Board of Directors

We are dedicated to leveraging long-standing local and national self-empowerment sentiment among African-Americans with current social media networking habits and mobile technology.

Ally Council

Though the group that we are looking to provide financial support for is very specific, the supporters of the work come from varied backgrounds. We are glad to have committed allies that are invested in the work that we are doing. We have asked some of them to serve on an advisory council. This council will serve as a vital piece when it comes to BLD creating access to capital for Black Entrepreneurs.

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